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Charlton's Creek Gallery
11 Charlton's Creek Road, Berrilee 2159 Ph: 9655 1564
Open every weekend or by appointment.
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Sculpture at Charltons Creek Gallery. Sculpture (workshop with bits of wire, tools etc - 'his shed' type of scene. Aluminium Ulric Stiener An established sculptor of note, working on commissions and following his own paths. Delightfully wobbling whimsical fishes. Patterns of fins, smooth and lumpy, thin and fat - each one a classy individual. Recycled Materials Adam Gillies An emerging artist rapidly establishing a reputation for innovative lateral thinking. A clever use of the characteristics of kjbhdfkjshdcvjklhsnvlkjnhv kjhfkvj.bhdvk l/khjfour flotsem and jetsam. Humorous twisting of normal perceptions to create playful animals, mystical beasts and giant insects out of practically anything he can lay his hands on. Website design by